The Somers Education Foundation has both State and Federal 501c3 status (73-1702479).  Donations are 100% tax deductible. 

One of the original cornerstones of the Somers Education Foundation was to build an endowment of sufficient size to allow it to grant awards every year regardless of the state of the general economy.  The plan was to grant 50% of its income yearly and use the other 50% to pay expenses and build an investment portfolio.  The first ten-year goal was to have $250,000 in the endowment.  The SEF has been successful in meeting its goals – both of providing funds to the schools and building its endowment.  The endowment growth goal was actually exceeded! The SEF had $310,000 in its endowment on its tenth birthday on 6/30/2014.

The SEF was started in 2004 with generous gifts from its original Board Members, allowing it to have an immediate impact in its first year of existence.  The endowment has grown in subsequent years through community fundraising events and investment.  It is a source of  pride that the endowment grew in 2008-2009 during the greatest economic downturn in 75 years.

The first ten years were used to build the endowment.  Going forward, the endowment will actively be used to support grant and awards employing “The Prudent Man Rule” of never taking more than 4% per year from it.  The endowment funds will be used exclusively for grants and awards and not Foundation expenses.

Galas and Family Fun Days were held in our first few years, followed by our annual wine tasting event in October starting in 2009 -2015. 

Other sources of ongoing income have been:

  • Geissler's Supermarket Receipt Program.  Since 2007, for every receipt over $35 (exclusive of taxes, alcohol and tobacco) turned in, Geissler's generously donates 5%.  Collection boxes are located at the elementary and middle school central offices, the town library, People's United Bank (Somers branch), The Somers Center Knitting Criations and Joanna's Restaurant.  This is a very easy, passive way to support the SEF.
  • A Day Lily Sale at Worthington Pond Farm & Gardens from 2009 to 2015, with the plants graciously donated by Dan Roulier.
  • The SEF has two community appeals a year when our grants are announced.
  • SEF also accepts "In Memorium" gifts and has an "Honor Thy Teacher" category for donations.

In October 2014, the SEF received a remarkable donation of $100,000 from Helen and S. Prestley Blake that went directly into the endowment.  The SEF has created a named fund in the Blake's honor. 

The SEF has also created a named fund in honor of Dan and Jane Roulier’s ongoing support of SEF since the beginning.

In 2016, the Bill and Anne Kirkpatrick Fund was established.  

In 2017, the Antonacci Family Fund was announced.

In June 2019, the Salva Family Fund was established.

In July 2020, the Mazzoli Family Fund was established.

Named Funds are created when a cumulative donation of $25,000 has been received.  Grants are awarded in the name of the donor on a yearly basis.  The amount awarded is 4% of the named fund.  These funds go directly to the endowment and are not considered general revenue.

The SEF will continue to work on growing its endowment because educational needs will never decrease.

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