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June 2018

SOMERS, CT.  The Somers Education Foundation (SEF) held its Grant Review Meeting on April 3, 2018.  It awarded a total of  $13,874:  $3096 for professional development and $10,778 in education grants.  Three named grants were awarded. The High School received $2700 for digital microscopes and the Music  Dept received $3189 for new large instruments.
The SEF Board was impressed with the quality of the grant requests and was more than happy to fund all requests this semester.
The Somers Education Foundation, founded in 2004, is a private endowment for the Somers Public School system.  In that time, it has granted $430,000 to the school system while building a sustaining endowment of $617,000.  The SEF will be holding its Annual Meeting on 7/31/18.  



August, 2018

The Somers Education Foundation’s (SEF) 14th year has been an outstanding success. The SEF awarded $43,512 this academic year.  The endowment increased by 18.4% year over year which is truly remarkable.  This was due to three reasons: an increase in donations, market appreciation of its investments and less money requested compared to last year, primarily in the area of professional development.  A true watershed event occurred this year with The SEF crossing the $1,000,000 (One Million Dollar) threshold in total impact!!!!!  It has awarded a total of $431,000 during its existence, while building an endowment of $606,699.  For perspective, in its first year of existence, SEF had $14,000 in funds and awarded $5000 in grants.  The SEF has truly come a long way. 

For the first time in a few years, there were no changes in Board membership.  There were changes in the Executive Committee with Michelle Bernier becoming Secretary and Christopher Castonguay becoming Treasurer.  Both have done a wonderful job in their new roles.  SEF also welcomed Mr. Brian Czapla, Superintendent of Schools as an ex-officio member.

SEF had one fundraiser this year – a very successful Brewfest held at Pleasant View Farms.  SEF wishes to thank Dunkin Donuts for its corporate sponsorship.  The Geissler’s Receipts Program continues to be very successful.  SEF thanks the Nilsson Family for its generosity in continuing its sponsorship of this important program.  The smile.amazon.com program continues to show steady growth as well.

SEF was again the beneficiary of a very gracious donation of $50,000 from Mrs. Helen and Mr. S. Prestley Blake, as well as a $10,000 donation from the Antonacci Family.  

SEF now has 14 years “in the books.”  It has gone from a concept to a strong reality, delivering on its mission statement.  One of its major tenets was to build over the first 10 years a permanent, sustaining endowment to be able to award grants regardless of the economy and fundraising results.  Applying “The Prudent Man Rule” in 2015-16, the SEF utilized 4% from its endowment for the first time.  It did so in 2016-17 and again this year.  This is now an intrinsic part of the SEF modus operandi.  The endowment is working exactly as envisioned.  This is something of which the SEF and its supporters should be very proud. 

SEF’s goals are to continue to grow the endowment, increase community outreach and awareness efforts, and provide greater funding for education opportunities for every student in the Somers Public School System.  We look forward to another exciting and successful year for the Somers Education Foundation. 

Thank you for your generosity and support.
Paul Salva,  President
and the Somers Education Foundation Board 

​2018 Newsroom