​2017 Newsroom

June, 2017

SOMERS, CT.  ​The Somers Education Foundation (SEF), closes out its 13th year and is proud to announce that it awarded $37,407 to the Somers public schools at its spring Grant Review Meeting.  Since then, an additional $2500 in Professional Development Grants was awarded. For the academic year, SEF  awarded $59,778, the most ever.  The previous record was $44,857 which was awarded last



August, 2017

The Somers Education Foundation’s (SEF) 13th year has been an outstanding success. The SEF awarded $59,778 this academic year -the most ever.  It has awarded a total of $362,000 during its 13 years of existence, while building an endowment of $503,000.  Important changes and improvements continue. VP John Mailhot led a successful Bylaws review/revision project. SEF bids a fond farewell to Board Member Jessica Antonacci and welcomes Michelle Bernier to our Board.  We look forward to integrating Michelle’s talents into the organization.  Chris Castonguay has accepted the role of Treasurer, after serving as Secretary last year. William Kirkpatrick will continue to manage the Geissler’s Receipts program and serve on the Investment and Grant Review Committees.  SEF also bids farewell to Dr. Maynard Suffredini who was Superintendent and an ex-officio member of SEF for ten years.  He was a strong supporter of SEF and helped build SEF’s reputation with the faculty and community.

SEF had two new fundraisers this year – A Comedy Night and Brewfest – both very successful.  It also announced the formation of its fourth Named Fund – The Anne and Bill Kirkpatrick Fund. 

The Geissler’s Receipts Program continues to be very successful.  SEF thanks the Nilsson Family for its generosity in continuing its sponsorship of this important program.

SEF was again the beneficiary of a very gracious donation of $50,000 from Mrs. Helen and Mr. S. Prestley Blake, as well as a $10,000 donation from the Antonacci Family.  

SEF is now officially 13 years old. It has grown from a concept to a strong reality, delivering on its mission statement.  One of its major tenets was to build a permanent, sustaining endowment in order to award grants regardless of the economy and fundraising results.  In 2015-16, for the first time, the SEF utilized funds from the endowment.  It did so again this year. This was a huge, second test-of-concept and it worked - again!  The endowment is working exactly as envisioned!!  This is something of which the SEF and its supporters should be very proud. 

SEF’s goals are to continue to grow the endowment, increase community outreach and awareness efforts, and provide greater funding for education opportunities for every student in the Somers Public School System.  We look forward to another fascinating and successful year for the Somers Education Foundation. 

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Paul Salva,  President
And the Somers Education Foundation Board 

These awards meet specific needs that can quickly provide valuable assistance to the entire school system outside the usual budgeting process.  The SEF is a private, sustainable endowment whose mission is to fund innovative projects that enhance the education experience for every student in the Somers Public School System


November, 2017

SOMERS, CT.  The Somers Education Foundation (SEF) held its Grant Review Meeting on November 1.  It awarded a total of  $28,240:  $3930 for professional development and $24,310 in education grants.  Three named grants were awarded.  The Ann and William Kirkpatrick Fund provided $1,433 to the Elementary School (SES) for “Foundations in Tier 2 Instruction.”   The Dan and Jane Roulier Fund provided $1,196 for “Flexible Seating for Struggling Readers” also at SES.  Lastly, the Helen and S. Prestley Blake Fund provided $5,000 for a very innovative history program at the High School to acquire historic artifacts as teaching enhancements.
The SEF Board was quite impressed with the quality of the grant requests and was more than happy to fund all requests this semester.
The Somers Education Foundation, founded in 2004, is a private endowment for the Somers Public School system.  In that time, it has granted $388,000 to the school system while building a sustaining endowment of $600,000.
With your help, SEF will continue to grow and provide enhanced educational opportunities for all students in the Somers Public Schools.

​​Supporting Education for our Future


Endowment Donations

The largest single educational grant award this semester was $9000 to the high school tech department to support a robotics/computer coding project.  Funding for Professional Development Grants was an all-time high.