June, 2016

SOMERS, CT.  The Somers Education Foundation (SEF) recently awarded 18 grants totaling $20,080 to the Somers Public School system. Grants ranged from $150 to $5315 and were awarded to teachers throughout the district.  Consistent with SEF’s goal of having an impact on every student, the grants covered a wide range of educational needs.  For this grant session, the major awards went toward the setup and equipment of a sensory room at the Elementary School ($8765) and districtwide music equipment ($3850).   The total awarded for the 2015-16 academic year was $44,357 which is the largest ever for the SEF.

 “Over the past 12 years the SEF has provided tremendous support to the Somers Public Schools.  Their financial assistance has been outstanding and greatly appreciated,” said Maynard Suffredini Ed.D. Superintendent of the Somers Public School system.Founded in 2004, SEF has given the Somers Public School system $303,000 to date while building a sustaining endowment of over $400,000.  For the first time, the SEF used $16,000 in endowment funds for grants.  As it has 501c3 status, donations are 100% tax-deductible. 


January, 2016

SOMERS, CT.  The Somers High School Class of 1990 recently held their 25th Class Reunion and has made a donation to the Somers Education Foundation Endowment Fund.  This donation will help SEF to continue their work to preserve the community’s commitment to educational excellence in the Somers Public Schools.  SEF provides funding for innovative projects and programs which enhance student learning as well as supporting professional educational development. 

 “Somers Education Foundation’s Board of Directors wants to extend its thanks to the Class of 1990 for their gracious and generous contribution.  SEF wasn’t even in place when these folks were students but they have shown their appreciation by wanting to support SEF today,” said SEF President, Dr. Paul Salva.  “While the money itself will certainly help our efforts, the real gift is the fact that the Class of 1990 demonstrates their gratitude for the quality education they received in Somers and wants to help it continue for the next generation.  What a legacy!”   


July, 2016
With the end of the SEF’s 12th year, the phrase - the only constant is change – could not be more apt.  SEF bids a fond farewell to 3 Board Members who have each made lasting contributions.  Beth Connor gave us insight into the charitable giving, public relations and marketing world when we lost our mentor, Lou Bachetti.  Liz Iadarola refined and strengthened an already very good grant review process and worked diligently on making SEF events successful.  Terri Henderson was one of the founding members of the Foundation being present before the beginning.  She provided leadership as Chairman of the Board of Education and then as Foundation Secretary devoting countless hours to making the SEF a success.  The SEF accepts their stepping aside with regret and gratitude for their contributions.    After 5 great years, we said also goodbye to the Day Lily Sale.  Conversely, we said hello to an end-of-school-year event at Sonny’s Place in June, the www.Smile.Amazon.com program and the formation of its third Named Fund – The Antonacci Family Fund.  The Geissler’s Receipts Program continues and is a greatly appreciated source of funding.

SEF welcomes 4 new Board Members – Jessica Antonacci, Clifford Bordeaux, Ben Camerota and Christopher Castonguay - and looks forward to integrating their talents into the organization.  The SEF now officially enters its teen years.  It has grown from a concept to a strong reality, delivering on its mission statement.  One of its major tenets was to build a permanent, sustaining endowment in order to award grants regardless of the economy and fundraising results.  For the first time, the SEF utilized funds from the endowment, making it possible to award $24,277 in the fall and $20,080 this spring.  This was a huge test-of-concept and it worked!  The endowment worked exactly as envisioned!!  This is something the SEF and its supporters should be very proud of.  The SEF awarded $44,357 this academic year.  It has awarded $303,000 in 12 years while building an endowment of $420,000.

SEF’s goals are to continue to grow the endowment, increase community outreach and awareness efforts, and provide greater funding for education opportunities for every student in the Somers Public School System.  We look forward to another fascinating year for the Somers Education Foundation.  

Thank you.
Paul Salva, President

​2016 Newsroom

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