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September 17, 2015
  Somers High School has been awarded a $15,000 grant from the AT&T Foundation to fund the purchase of state-of-the-art technology to support the school’s Technology, Innovation, Design and Engineering (TIDE) program through collaboration with the Somers Education Foundation and State Senator John Kissel.

The Somers TIDE program helps engineering students develop critical and creative thinking skills with an emphasis on human innovation and its effects on society and the environment. TIDE courses provide hands-on instruction that prepares students for real-world opportunities in industries such as welding, fabrication, thermal material processing, and other applied engineering fields.

Somers High School will use AT&T Foundation’s $15,000 grant to purchase a CNC plasma cutting system – an advanced machine that professional engineers across the country use to accurately and cleanly cut a wide range of metal materials to exact specifications.

“We’re proud to support such a unique program that is helping to develop highly technical skills these students need to succeed in an industry that is so important to New England’s economic future,” said Abigail Jewett, Regional Vice President, AT&T Connecticut.

"The Somers Education Foundation strongly supports the advancement of technology for the Somers Public Schools and is pleased to work with AT&T and Senator Kissel in facilitating this grant.” said Dr Paul Salva, SEF President.  “Industry has stressed the importance of incoming employees having a working knowledge of advanced technology,” said School Superintendent Dr. Maynard Suffredini. “We are proud to accept the AT&T Foundation’s generous grant, and we are looking forward to putting it to good use.”

“AT&T is demonstrating its commitment to the Somers community, the state of Connecticut, and the entire region of New England by funding a program that is developing our young people to be future leaders in their respective fields,” Conn. State Sen. John Kissel said. “I applaud AT&T for helping our local educators ensure successful futures for our students and our region as a whole.”


August 10. 2015
Senator John Kissel's Public Access Television Interview with Somers Education Foundation 
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The Somers Education Foundation (SEF) has had a banner year, being named Foundation of the Year by the 90 member CT Consortium of Education Foundations in September and receiving a most generous donation of $100,000 from S. Prestley and Helen Blake in October.

The endowment is at an all-time high and the SEF was able to grant the most amount of money to the school system in its history - $45,000.  SEF’s reputation has grown such that it was able to serve as a conduit for a $15,000 technology grant to the high school tech dept. Great thanks go to AT&T and State Senator John Kissel for facilitating the grant.  Thanks needs to go to our First President Lou Bachetti and Atty. Michael Parker for having the foresight to build the mechanism into our original bylaws to make that possible.

The SEF is entering its adolescence and with that comes everything that comes with adolescence.  While we need to remember where the SEF came from, we also need to look to the future.  From the Strategic Planning Meeting held in May, the SEF is moving forward on a marketing plan to improve its website/social media presence, review and update its policies and procedures, recruit new Board members and diversify its fund raising and create named funds within its endowment.   The SEF is moving into its next phase of development. There are two groups of people in Somers – those who know about SEF and those who need to know about SEF.  The SEF’s first ten years were exciting.  The next ten promise to be equally so. 

With success comes responsibility. The SEF Board of Directors takes its responsibility to protect was has been built very seriously and will work toward making the Somers Education Foundation even more successful in the years to come.  The SEF being named the Foundation of The Year was the result of the hard work and support of literally hundreds of people and SEF wishes to thank every one of them.  

Thank you.
Paul Salva, President

​​​​​SEF ON TV

(L to R) Roy Slater, Terri Henderson, Paul Salva, Maynard Suffredini, Senator John Kissel, Abigail Jewett(AT&T), Beth Connor and Nick Kosloski

(L to R) Senator John Kissel, Paul Salva, Maynard Suffredini, John Mailhot

​2015 Newsroom

  • Tony Terzi Interviews SEF President, Dr. Paul Salva10:17

December 28, 2015
   The Somers Education Foundation (SEF) recently awarded $24,277 to the Somers Public School system. Grants ranged from $375 to $3375 and went to teachers throughout the district.  Consistent with SEF’s goal of having an impact on every student, the grants covered a wide range of topics including reading literacy, music, auto body, and STEM – (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

For the first time, SEF awarded grants from its named funds with $3375 for a collaborative project between the high school music and tech departments  from the Helen & S. Prestley Blake Fund and $1000 to support a reading literacy program for students with disabilities from the Dan & Jane Roulier Fund.

“Over the past 11 years the SEF has provided tremendous support to the Somers Public Schools.  Their financial assistance has been outstanding and greatly appreciated,” said Maynard Suffredini Ed.D. Superintendent of the Somers Public School system.

“This makes it 23 consecutive semesters that the SEF has provided grants to the school system.  I want to thank the teachers for their efforts and the SEF Grant Review Committee for doing a great job,” said Paul Salva, SEF President.

Founded in 2004, SEF has given the Somers Public School system $278,000 while building a sustaining endowment of over $400,000.  As it has 501c3 status, donations are 100% tax-deductible.  To learn more about these grants, please visit our Recent Grants page on this website.